Pictures taken by BT3 Cecil M. Sims
Served the Navy from 1948 to 1952

Courtesy of Deborah O'Neal (his daughter)

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by Unknown
Provided by Cecil M Sims daughter

It's just a little destroyer.
And Harwood is the spot.
we're here to serve our next four years,
On a ship that men forgot.

Down with the sharks and whales,
where the skies are never blue.
Right in the middle of nowhere,
a thousand miles from you.

we work, we sweat, we shiver,
It's more than a man can stand.
we're not supposed to to be convicts,
But defenders of our land.

We're the boys in the "E" division,
Trying to earn our pay.
Guarding you million people,
For, two and a half a day.

Living with our memories,
waiting for our gals.
Hoping while we're waiting,
They're not marrying our pals.

Nobody knows we're living,
Nobody gives a damn.
At home we're soon forgotten,
Because we belong to Uncle Sam.

The time we spend in the Navy,
The best years of our lives we miss.
Boy's, don't let the draft board get you,
And for heavens sakes don't enlist.

But when we pass those pearly gates,
You'll hear Saint Peter yell.
Fall in you guys from the Harwood,